Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My sister, the (occasional) megabitch

Okay, so I admit I sometimes love my sister. She can be really sweet --no really, I've seen it. But then there are little things she does or says that make me want to slap her upside the head. Let's start with the latest. I recently had to meet her somewhere for something (obnoxious and stupid, therefore, not worth writing about here) and I had already spiraled up to the 6th , and TOP, mind you, floor of the tiny parking garage when I finally decided to turn around, go back to the bottom, and use my husband's handicapped sign to park in one of the four empty handicapped spaces. Not my proudest moment, but I was running late and it's not like I whip that puppy out every time I park, so I don't really feel that I abuse it... too much.

I dash in to the building, get to the office on the 6th floor, realize I left the one stupid thing I needed to bring with me in the car, and am already walking back to the elevators when I get a text from my sister basically giving me shit for where she saw that I parked. Gee, I wonder if you're even later than I am because you had to park on the fucking roof...?! This from the biznatch that finds it perfectly acceptable for her, her husband, and their kid to go to a  movie theater on Saturday morning, buy tickets to see ONE MOVIE and then stay there all day skipping from one theater to the other to pack in as many viewings in one day as possible before getting kicked out. I actually don't think they've ever gotten caught, which just pisses me off even more because I would get caught within two minutes if I tried to pull that shit.

The only reason I even know about this little stunt they pull is because I met them at the movies one day, and when I started walking through the lobby towards the parking lot, my sister suddenly stops at the concession stand and says, "It was good seeing you guys!" and starts saying her good-byes. When I asked what the heck she was doing, she told me they were planning to stay the whole day and asked, "You didn't think I was going to pay that much to go to the movies and then just see one movie, did you?" Well, yeah. I kinda did.

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